Biking is a hugely popular activity for those in the Wanaka area.  Whether it be road biking, mountain biking, or getting out and about on an e-bike.  Having a comfortable seat is important and you may hear that discomfort is common at first as you sit bones get used to the seat.  For a bike seat to be safe it must accommodate the width of your sit bones. A small person can have sit bones that are further apart than they think, meaning the sit bones are sliding off the seat. This causes impingement of very important nerves and blood vessels to our sensitive areas and irritation of the pelvic floor muscles. If you have ever had sharp pain in your saddle area or had numbness whilst riding your bike this could be the issue. Reduced nerve supply to the genitalia is harmful to the health of these regions. Bike seats can be painful on the sit bones at first but you should accommodate to this with a bit of riding. If not, or if you are experiencing the symptoms above pop into your local bike store or measure your sit bone distribution by sitting on a piece of corrugated cardboard and compare this to your seat. A bike seat that properly accommodates your sit bones greatly increases your efficiency and enjoyment on a bike. We work with the pelvic floor to return function to normal in the case that irritation has occurred and also the surrounding skeletal structures.