Liana  Poole

Certificate Health Sciences
BSc. Human Biology Degree
MOst. Master of Osteopathy Degree

High speed crashes are something that Liana and many of the population of Wanaka have experienced on a regular basis due to the nature of our most loved activities; snow sports, mountain biking and motorcross, water sports, horse riding and motor racing are among a few of the common ways people in the area injure themselves. Liana has become very adept at providing highly specific treatment, to completely resolve injuries gained in these ways, enabling long term relief. Through this she has learned that the ability of the body to change and heal even from very chronic or very restricted conditions is great. Her fondness of children has meant she has spent the last 15 years enabling improvement in many common paediatric conditions and even works to assist with those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Liana Graduated with a Masters of Osteopathy in early 2004 after completing a certificate in Health Science and a BSc in Human Biology.  She began working in Auckland but has spent most of her career in practice in the South Island, beginning in Queenstown and moving to Wanaka and setting up the Wanaka Osteopathic Clinic Liana Poole - Wanaka Osteopath

Liana has worked in general practice for  many years and finds the amount of change she sees in people very rewarding.  Liana is focused on finding the cause/s of ailments, so she can treat and resolve these, therefore enabling the person to reach or return to optimum health.

She treats all ages (from newborns to elderly), specialises in treating post trauma conditions and is passionate about facilitating the complete resolve of dysfunctional areas of the body.  Liana lives in Lake Hawea and is passionate about the outdoors.

Dr Matthew Campbell

B.App.Sc.(Ost) , B.Hlth.Sc.

We would like to welcome Dr Matthew Campbell from Adelaide.

Matt is a member of Osteopathy Australia (O.A), having qualified at RMIT University in Melbourne with a double degree in Health Science and Applied Science in Osteopathy.
Matt was initially a sports trainer and massage therapist when he realized that Osteopathy’s key principles matched his lifestyle and beliefs. Matt has worked comprehensively with people of all ages and backgrounds, from the weekend warrior, first time yogi to elite athlete. He uses a broad range of techniques, both structural and indirect and particularly enjoys educating patients about the origins of their pain or injury, enabling them to understand their condition and return to more optimal function in daily life.
Matt’s drive has enabled him to travel the world playing and working with various teams from the Australian Beach Handball team, various soccer teams and a unique sport named Kronum. His visit to Wanaka sees him continue to follow his passion for adventure sports – rock climbing and
bouldering. With his experience pushing his body to the limit and beyond into injures Matt understands the physical and emotional limits of the body and the toll of going too far.  Call now to book in with Matt from Monday to Saturday on 443 OSTE/6783.